Exterior Paint Color: A Lot to Think About

Exterior Paint Color: A Lot to Think About

home-exterior-colorsWhether you’re building a new home from the ground up or are simply updating the exterior of the home you’ve been living in for years, it’s important to make sure you choose exterior colors that complement each other. This will ensure your home looks beautiful and welcoming. If you are struggling to choose complementary colors, the following information will help guide you in the right direction.

When it comes to your home’s appearance, there are three factors that will determine the overall appearance of its exterior: the materials used on the exterior, the colors you have chosen for window trim, entry doors, and garage doors, and any decorative or architectural elements, such as shutters, railings, or cornices.


Today, there are so many colors to choose from that you should have no problem finding just the right scheme. Of course, you have to remember that the colors you choose will be used to determine decorative components and accent colors. In addition, you’ll also need to consider maintenance, which is also something to consider especially when choosing materials if you are building a home. Some types of paint/ materials will require regular maintenance, but others may require little to none. While that dark gray house with white trim may look incredible at first, it will fade over time, especially in areas that get a lot of sun.

Architectural Design of Your Home and the Neighborhood

paint-samplesYour home’s architectural style will play a big role when selecting just the right paint color. For example, if you have a Victorian or Colonial style home, you’ll have to consider the shade of brick that makes up so much of its exterior, which will limit your options. On the other hand, if you have a country or ranch style home, you won’t be so limited. It’s also important to consider landscaping, such as any existing flowers, trees, or shrubs you have in your yard. The number and color of any plants you have should be factored in, as well as what side of your home is most often exposed to the sun.

It goes without saying that you want your house to stand out without attracting negative attention in your neighborhood. Be certain your neighborhood HOA doesn’t have any restrictions on color or any materials that can be used. If there are guidelines in place, be sure you follow them.

All the Little Things

The first thing most people will notice on your home’s exterior is the front door. Consider the dominating exterior color when deciding on the door color. If your exterior is rather pale, a bright color will really stand out in a complementary way and vice versa. You’ll also want to consider your personal style. Do you prefer a striking look or something more understated?

After selecting your front door color, you can use decorative accents to enhance it, which includes your garage door colors. If you prefer not to emphasize your garage door or if it’s more than 16 feet wide or located in the front of your home, a pale color is ideal. On the other hand, if your goal is emphasis, opt for a darker color. If you choose a dark color for your garage door, you can minimize the impact it has on the rest of the house by adding a few decorative accents, such as a couple of planters filled with flowers or an overhanging pergola.

Putting it All Together

This involves looking at other homes in your neighborhood. If your neighbors have homes that tend to be light and muted, you probably want to take bright colors off your list of options. It’s a good idea to find a contrasting color that ensures your home catches the eye, while also maintaining a harmonious look in the neighborhood. If the thought of repainting your home’s exterior is overwhelming to say the least, focus on a main exterior theme and choose a couple of shades that complement it well. “Natural” colors are a great option for any type of home.

When choosing your paint color, use the internet instead of driving around from store to store. But keep in mind that different computer monitors will represent colors slightly different. Check out exterior paint company websites and narrow down your choices from there. Most companies do offer a section of their website that provides a visual representations of a variety of exterior paint combinations being used together. This makes it easy to determine which colors look best together, so you should take advantage of this service.

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