Garage Storage and Shelving Tips

Garage Storage and Shelving Tips

Garages have a tendency to become quite messy. It’s a place where it’s common to just dump things and forget about them because of the lack of organization and inability to easily see everything you have stored in them. Luckily, there are a few ways you can organize your garage on a budget. You’ll be able to find everything in your garage and have your belongings stored in an efficient manner. Here are just a few ways you can clean up your garage and get organized over the weekend.

Combine Shelves with Storage

storage-shelvesWith your belongings piling up in the garage, you need a simple way to store your things. Whether your garage stores your tools, craft supplies, kids outdoor toys, or whatever else, building your own shelves would save money and your sanity. If you don’t have any leftover wood, you can buy some inexpensive plywood, leg supports, self-tapping wood screws, standard screws, and wood glue. You can build a shelving unit as long and as tall as you wish. It all depends on your needs. Once you have your shelving unit built, you can buy some plastic Tupperware bins to store your belongings and label them for easy access. Heavy items such as air compressors or hydraulic floor jacks can be stored at floor level under the first shelf. This is one simple way you can organize your garage.

Take Advantage of Overhead Space

overhead-storageWhen you have a lot to be stored in your garage and you want it to be neat and tidy, you should take advantage of all areas where you have space to store things. This should include the ceiling. One way you can utilize your ceiling space for storage is by building a simple sliding storage system. Using just 2×4’s and plywood strips, you can build a sliding storage system to hang more Tupperware bins that are also labeled. This would be a more convenient way to store things you may not use all the time. Certain sports gear such as bicycles, kayaks, hockey equipment, and even the life vest for your dog are excellent candidates for ceiling storage.

Store Your Evergrowing Amount of Tools

pegboard-bookIf your garage is overflowing with tools, it’s important you find a way to store them in an organized way. You don’t want to lose your tools because they can cost a good chunk of money to replace. You can store your tools like a book using square pegboard pieces, 1×2’s, a 2×4, screws, and hinges. With a few square pieces of pegboard hung book-style, you’ll be able to store a ton of your everyday tools with ease.

There are many ways you can get your garage organized. It depends on what all you need to store. It would be a great task for the weekend to try some of the DIY ways to get organized in your garage. You’ll be happy you gave it a shot when you’re able to find everything in your garage again. As you’re doing the above-listed ideas, you may come up with some ideas on your own of ways to organize some other things in your garage. Your garage will be neat and orderly thanks to a few DIY garage organization ideas.

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