Setting Up a Workbench for DIY Auto Repair

Setting Up a Workbench for DIY Auto Repair

auto-repair-workbenchWhen it comes to creating a work space for yourself, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Setting up a work bench for home auto repair will require some essential tools and other equipment to make doing work on your vehicles easier than ever before. Many garage spaces you’ve probably seen are cluttered and mainly used for storage, but that doesn’t have to be the case for every person’s garage. A garage can serve several purposes. One of those purposes is to have a do it yourself space to repair your own vehicle. Having the right space with the proper tools in an uncluttered environment is the best way to go. Going about that can be difficult without the proper resources. First you want to remove the clutter in the space you want to work in and then begin by having a sturdy work surface so you can lay out parts for the jobs you will be working on.

Obviously, the actual tools you’ll be using are important. A good socket set (metric and SAE) should be your first priority. Having an air compressor and impact wrench are two of the best investments you will make if working on cars. A good 2 ton hydraulic jack is another must have item. Don’t settle for one of those $50 jacks on sale at your local auto parts store.

They are cheaply made and not worth risking your life over to save a few bucks. Same goes for motorcycles. Do some research, read reviews, and get the best motorcycle jack your money can buy. Other necessities include:  jack stands, torque wrench, mechanics creeper, auto ramps, wheel chocks, bench vise, and adjustable wrench. Organize all these tools and others in a way that makes most sense to you. Everybody has their own layout that works best for them but the key is put away all your tools in the same spot each time so you know where to find them.

The next thing to consider is lighting. Lighting is an essential part of an efficient work space, specifically when working on a vehicle. The details that must go into repairing a vehicle could literally mean life or death, not that we want to scare you, but it’s important to have adequate lighting so you can see what you are doing and make the repairs properly the first time without having to go back and fix any mistakes that may have happened.

Next you want to make sure your work space in clean and organized. Any space that is not clean is a recipe for disaster which can cause injury. Reducing the risk of injury while you are working is something that should never be overlooked. Additionally, having an organized space is just as essential as proper lighting. Knowing where all the tools and equipment are can reduce your time working on a vehicle because you do not have to waste time searching for the tools needed as the project moves forward. There are many ways that you can organize a garage work space and it’s ideal to use as much vertical space as possible. Whether it’s building a rack from the ceiling to hold car tires or getting the taller tool chest (vs wider), the more space you have to move around, the safer it is.

Overall, these steps are necessary to have a good are for working on your vehicles and being able to make all your repairs at home and save you a substantial amount of money. The key is not to have the biggest garage with all the best fancy tools, but to have a garage with enough room to work comfortably and with the tools that you need all within easy reach.

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